Omron HEM-7080 Digital Tensi meter Otomatis

Omron HEM-7080 Digital Tensi meter Otomatis
Merk: Omron
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ID: 382

Omron HEM-7080 Digital Tensi meter Otomatis

* Morning hypertension Indicator (displayed when the weekly morning average is out of standard range of 135/85 mmHg)

* Hypertension indicator (heart symbol flashes if BP is out of standard range)

* Auto Mode- takes 3 consecutive readings within selected time interval of 15, 30, 60 or 120secs and displays the average

* Single mode with advance averaging average- average of up to last 3 readings taken in the last 10 minutes is automatically displayed

* Displays 8 weekly averages (morning & evening)

* Detects irregular heartbeat

* Detects body movement

* 2 user memory data- Memory for 84 sets of readings per user, with date and time

Product Overview
Omron HEM-7080 Digital Tensi meter Otomati

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